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Manson Vet Clinic Team

Manson Veterinary Clinic opened in 1985, when Dr. Craig K. Johnson opened his practice. In 1990, Dr. Steve Leppert was hired as an associate veterinarian. In 1995, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Steve Leppert formed a business partnership named Drs. Johnson & Leppert PC. On January 1, 2015, Dr. Johnson retired and Dr. Steve Leppert renamed the clinic Manson Veterinary Clinic PC.​​​​​​​


  • Owner and Veterinarian: Dr Steven Leppert

  • Veterinarian: Kourtney Sherburne

  • Veterinary Assistant/receptionist: Arlene Pedersen

  • Office Staff/Receptionist: Michelle Christianson

  • Veterinary Assistant Mitch Leppert

Town Vet clinic Gowrie 

Dr. Bruce Towne started the Towne Vet Clinic in 1995 and provided veterinary care to farm animals and pets. On June 1st, 2019, Dr. Steve Leppert purchased the Towne Veterinary Clinic from Dr. Towne and changed the name to Town Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Bruce Towne continues to provide veterinary care under the new ownership. On June 1st, Dr. Kortney Sherburne joined Town Vet Clinic providing care to companion & farm animals.


  • Veterinarian: Dr. Kortney Sherburne

  • Veterinaraian: Dr. Bruce Towne 

  • Office Staff/Receptionist: Cindy Wilson

  • Veterinary Assistant: Kayla Compton

  • Veterinary Assistant: Keanna Taylor

Goldfield Vet Clinic

Dr. Doug Helgevold opened the Goldfield Veterinary Clinic in 1987 and provided large and small animal veterinary care for several decades. On January 1, 2018 Dr Helgevold sold the clinic to Dr. Steven Leppert of Manson, IA. Dr. Helgevold continued to be the main veterinarian until he retired in November of 2019. Dr. Brittanie Grant joined the Goldfield Veterinary Clinic on March 1st, 2020 and has been providing compassionate care to pets and farm animals.


  • Owner and Veterinarian: Dr Steven Leppert

  • Veterinarian: Tim Deward

  • Veterinary Assistant: Mariah Buseman

  • Vet Assistant: Malena Huse

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