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(Towne Vet Clinic)

Dr. Towne does a FANTASTIC job of caring for my dogs. I highly recommend him.


(Manson Vet Clinic)

Doc Leppert is truly a good hearted vet. He has gone above and beyond for our dogs. He has always been just a phone call away, has seen my dogs and puppies on a drop of a hat. Checks in on us after we have had puppies. We couldn't ask for a better vet or his staff. We are truly lucky to have him.


(Goldfield Vet Clinic)

We have been taking our pets here for over 25 years and are very happy with the care they receive!


(Goldfield Vet Clinic)

Very reasonable and got great treatment. Appointments usually within 3 days.


(Towne Vet Clinic)

Genuinely interested in providing great care! Doc loves on our pets as if they were his own!


(Manson Vet Clinic)

Dr Leppart and the girls are awesome. They are great with your pets, and are very friendly to visit with. Will explain to you what kind of care you need. They are the best!

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