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Canine/Feline Services

As a full–service veterinary clinic, we are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive pet care services that are designed to not only meet, but also exceed the veterinary needs of their dogs and cats. Each of our veterinary services has been carefully selected and designed by our veterinarians and staff to provide your pet with the total care necessary to live a long and healthy life.


Dental Care

Daily teeth brushing is the most effective way to maintain dental health, but can be very difficult due to time restrictions and pet willingness.


Elective Surgery

Elective Surgeries are routine surgeries that are scheduled in advance, including spays, neuters, declawing and removing dewclaws.


Emergent surgery

Emergent Surgeries are those those surgeries that need to be done immediately or with some sense of urgency.


Orthopedic/fracture repair

Pets can sustain injuries that require orthopedic surgery to repair.


Wellness exams

Wellness exams are very important in maintaining your pet’s health.


Preventive Care/vaccinations

Vaccinations and preventive care are the best way to improve and maintain your pets health.


sick pet care

In spite of all you do to keep your pet healthy, there are times that your pet gets sick or injured and needs veterinary attention.


flea, tick, heartworm medications

The key to protecting your pet from fleas, ticks heartworms and ear mites is based on the use of the most effective products available.



For those times when you are unable to take your pet with you, we provide boarding for dogs and cats.

(not available at Town Veterinary Clinic)



Laser therapy is a non-invasive light therapy that reduces joint and muscle inflammation. This helps reduce pain, stiffness, arthritis, injuries and improves healing

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